Traditionally, we think of real estate as a one size fits all type of situation.

Basically, you hire a real estate agent to sell your home and they charge you a set commission fee.

The problem is that real estate isn’t one size fits all type of situation; we all know that people are different, situations are different, and everyone has different needs and wants. When you’re selling your home, you should have the option to choose.

That’s why we’ve decided to break down that traditional model and separate the three biggest components of what sellers pay for:

1) Realtor services for Sellers

2) Value Added Services

3) Marketing

Realtor services for sellers are what every client gets when they choose our team to sell their home. This includes items like your pre-listing home evaluation, pre-listing strategy, staging and design consultations, and negotiating offers, as well as over 100 other items that we do which you can access here. These are the items which make sure your home is positioned as best as it can be to achieve its highest sale price.

Our professional real estate services for sellers start at 2% of the listing price on your home. Items such as pre-listing services, marketing, and staging are offered a la carte, and are only recommended if we truly believe it will add value to your home and put more money in your pocket.

It’s this trust and honesty about the real estate services we offer our sellers that have created the most wonderful and trusting friendships with our clients and has played a big part in our growth.


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