Buyers are the lifelines of any successful real estate, but despite that, most real estate agents focus on sellers and on getting listings.

To us, that’s counter-intuitive; we believe that buyers deserve the same treatment and the same red carpet service that we give to our sellers.

It’s become increasingly common for buyers to search for homes without a real estate agent. Why? Because they don’t feel they’re getting any value from real estate agent, and for the most part, they aren’t wrong.

Many of our buyers that have worked with other real estate agents in the past have told us that they have done 99% of the work themselves; like searching for the community that best suits them and finding the actual house, and then simply passing off the MLS info to their real estate agent so they can book the actual appointment. To us, that’s not service. It’s non-service!

That’s why we emphasize the our professional Realtor services for buyers; and while we know that you can (and probably will) do a lot of searching online yourself, we’re still here to help you navigate what you’re actually looking at and for, and help make the best possible final choice in what you buy.


This is how we do it:
We work on Your Schedule:
We know that between your work life and your social life, time can be hard to come by. Our team works hard to accommodate your schedule and make sure we’re there to help you when it’s most convenient for you.
We Craft a Detailed Profile of You:
We go through your needs and your wants to create the big-picture blueprint for your ideal home. This is a vital point in making sure we understand what you would like to get, what you can afford, and what communities provide the best options for you.
We Arrange the Financing:
We’ll pair you with one of our trusted mortgage brokers or bank professional to get you pre-approved for a mortgage. We like to help you with getting your documents ready and staying in the loop, because this process can be a little nerve wracking. Remember. We’re there for you!
We Get Started Looking:
Our next step is taking you out to view three properties that are inline with what you’re looking for. We’ll take detailed notes of what you like about it, what you don’t like, and if you think it is something you would consider purchasing. This step helps to make sure our profile is correct, and if it isn’t we will make minor changes prior to our next outing.
We Send You Morning Updates:
Every morning we’ll provide you with an e-mail of new listings that meet your criteria that have come on the market. We do some pre-screening to gather whatever additional information we can get about the property (like if it backs onto a school) and provide that to you in our e-mail.
We Send You Weekly Updates:
We provide a weekly market update to let you know what is selling and what it sells for. This helps familiarize you with the pricing of a certain area and to understand how they compare to other similar homes that are listed or have just sold.
We Believe in Carpooling:
You don’t have to worry about meeting us at every property. We can pick you up to view homes and provide water and snacks for our viewings.
We Build a Detailed Pre-Offer Analysis:
We don’t just throw an offer together on paper. Ever. Instead, when you’re serious about a property, we’ll do a detailed market analysis and compare the property to similar listings in the area. This is the best way to make sure you’re making the most informed purchasing decision.But wait. There’s more. You see, the most important aspect of all is that we would never recommend that you purchase a home for a price that we ourselves wouldn’t pay. Ever. A lot of real estate agents are seemingly out for the deal and are not necessarily concerned with whether or not you’ll be happy with your choice a year from now. We’re different. We need to truly feel that you’re making the best choice possible, and this is why our clients know they are in good hands when they chose to purchase their home with us; it’s part of what sets us apart.


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