Our motto has always been “you sell a home before you list it”.

Believing this saying has resulted in almost all of our listings selling at record prices, often within a week. While we would gladly take all of the credit for this, the truth really is that it’s all because of how we go about preparing your home for sale.

The starting point in preparing your home for sale is to ask yourself: “What would the buyer think of this?” More often than not, people forget that our goal is to sell your home to the buyer, and the best way to get the highest price is to answer any objections a buyer may have if they walk into your home.


That makes sense doesn’t it? But how do we do it exactly? Here are the top 5 tools we use when preparing your home for sale as part of our pre-listing spruce up:
Doing a Home Inspection:
A home inspection is a great way to see if there are minor issues that should be fixed prior to listing your home. Things like a leaky tap, a double tapped outlet, or a broken washroom fan are all easy fixes, and it keeps the value of your house at 100%.
Getting a Handyman:
Handymen are the best arsenal we have when preparing your home for sale. For often just a few hours of work, our handyman will take care of all of the little details that a home inspector might scare any potential buyers off with.
Hire a Cleaning Company:
From baseboards to drapes and every nook-and-cranny in between, we want your home looking and smelling it’s absolute best.
Do Some Minor Staging:
Staging is a great way to give a fresh look to a newer home. This is where the details count. We might change the stock light fixtures and put something up that gets people talking. We might dress up the washrooms a little. This is a much more toned down version of our full home staging, but we’ve found that it’s the little details that matter.
Do Exterior Maintenance:
Creating some curb appeal is arguably the most important aspect of preparing your home for sale because it is the first impression a consumer has. We make sure your home looks good by adding a few flowers or plants and generally get the lawn looking nice for listing day.

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