Affordable living in a close knit Mississauga village? Welcome to Sheridan Homelands.

The Sheridan Homelands community is bounded by Dundas Street to the north, Erin Mills Parkway to the east, the QEW to the south, and on the west side by Winston Churchill Boulevard. This quiet community has just over 2000 homes, and a perfect mix of families that truly gives this community a great sense of belonging. What makes it even better is that, when it comes to real estate, it is one of the most affordable communities in Southern Mississauga.

Watch our video to see what living in Sheridan Homelands is all about and read below to see why I love calling this community home.


Top Things I Love About Sheridan Homelands
The People

You know the good old days where you would ask your neighbour for some sugar? You can still do that here. The people in Sheridan Homelands are so friendly and cooperative, they have created a thriving residents’ association called SHORA, the Sheridan Homelands Ratepayers Association. This group of residents is committed to advocating for homeowner interests with the City as well as encouraging participation in recreational and social activities and events, supporting the arts, and promoting opportunities for creative expression.

The Location

You can find anything you need within 1 km. From grocery stores to movie theatres, daycares and gyms…this area has got you covered. There are shopping centres on all sides: popular big box chains to the west, strip malls to the north, and of course, the Sheridan Centre mall on Erin Mills Parkway, which also has a library and a rec centre onsite.

The Parks
Thornlodge Park is a great place where families get together on a daily basis. The park has tennis courts, a baseball field, walking paths and the renovated David Ramsey Pool. And let’s not forget nearby Erindale Park, which is actually the largest park in the whole of Mississauga. It’s a great place to go in summer for birdwatching, fishing and canoeing, as well as social activities like picnics, birthday parties, and barbecues; there’s a decent toboggan hill in winter, as well as spectacular views of the Credit River and tall ravines.
The History

Sheridan Homelands has an interesting history. There used to be a small village here, named after English playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan when the old name of Hammondsville was scrapped in the 1850s. Today, only the original cairn and silo remain; easy to miss, but very cool landmarks nevertheless of the community’s rich history. Sheridan Homelands is a multicultural area now, but at one time it was strongly Methodist, and its citizens refused to permit a tavern to be built anywhere in the neighbourhood!

The Value

I’ve been living in Sheridan Homelands for over 9 years and I am still surprised at this hidden gem of a community. The location is absolutely ideal and the houses offer so much square footage and yet the prices still remain very affordable. What I particularly love is that the community has been established for over 50 years so the streets are lined with large mature trees and the lots are deep giving you the feeling of being in a very secluded setting


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