Where small town pride meets big-city sophistication is a place called Port Credit.

Port Credit is every bit as old as Toronto – both were founded in 1834 – but where Toronto expanded into a megalopolis, Port Credit has retained its small-town roots even as it embraces the role of Mississauga’s waterfront entertainment hub for shopping, events, music and dining. This beautiful community is becoming a popular retirement destination because it offers something for everyone – even people without a car, which can’t be said for other parts of the city. There are hundreds of retail shops, boutiques, services, restaurants and cafes along the highly walkable Lakeshore strip, close to public transit and residential neighbourhoods that make living in Port Credit a popular choice for many people.

Watch our video to see what living in Port Credit is all about and read below to see why this is one of our favourite neighbourhoods to live in Mississauga


Top Things I Love About Port Credit
The slogan “Always On, Always Electric!”

Okay, maybe not the slogan itself, but what it represents. Port Credit is Mississauga’s Village on the Lake and as such, there’s always something fun going on. Not only is Lakeshore always hopping from a shopping and dining perspective, but there are numerous year-round events, fairs, concerts and festivals always happening, organized by the thriving BIA. A great dinner by the lake can often turn into far too much bourbon at Door FiftyFive, but you are only a quick walk away from one your gorgeous lakeview home.

The Harbour and the River

The Harbour is a year-round part of Port Credit but when you are living in Port Credit you will see how it really comes alive in the warmer season – no wonder this is such a popular summer tourist destination. It’s home to boating, fishing charters, cruises, sailing, canoeing and kayaking, not to mention hiking along the beautiful Waterfront Trail which connects to numerous parks and pathways along the lake and river shoreline. The natural ambiance is a big part of the reason the waterfront has won awards for design – nature’s beauty is still here. On top of that, Port Credit Harbour Marina is the largest freshwater marina in Canada.

The Accessibility
Living in Port Credit is an absolute dream for business professionals who are commuting to Toronto. If you can get in to one of the mid-rise or high-rise towers near the Port Credit GO (which is just 3 blocks from the Waterfront), you’ll find you love living just 10 minutes to the station – especially in winter. Pretty much all of Port Credit is a close walk or commute to the GO and The MiWay runs frequently and come on, you can even sail a boat right into Port Credit Harbour if you don’t own a car!
The Houses

Port Credit still maintains the charm of its roots and that can be seen by walking down a few of the streets where people settled. From some of the historic houses on Bay Street to the Cape Cod houses on Wenonah you will fall in love with the architecture. There are many new custom built homes that have been built and they create a perfect blend of houses that are set on the deep lots of the quiet tree lined streets of the community.

Port Credit Memorial Arena

Overlooking the Credit River, the Port Credit Arena is more than just a local landmark or a rink; it’s the first public arena ever to be built here (before its construction, people had to learn to skate on the river), and has helped generations of local kids learn to skate, play hockey or figure skate, making it a vital hub in South Mississauga to this day. It’s a heritage building that is home to several hockey associations for the surrounding areas and has nurtured NHLers like Greg Gilbert, Grant Marshall, Bob Kelly, and Doug and Larry Patey. And it’s a great example of 1950s era architecture, which isn’t something you typically find much of in Mississauga. When you are living in Port Credit, playing on the Port Credit Storm is a right of passage for every young kid who laces up skates.


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