Charm, character and history is what makes living in Clarkson a great place

Clarkson Village has a rich history; it was founded by two young brothers over 200 years ago, and it’s still home to both of Mississauga’s historic museums, not to mention some of the best restaurants and shops in the city.

Clarkson really started to thrive in the 1850s when berry farming was introduced to the area. Today, this former “Strawberry Capital of Ontario” has an eclectic mix of housing, that make living in Clarkson a great choice for your family. from entry level homes that are perfect for first time buyers, all the way up to waterfront estate homes that constitute some of the most expensive housing in Mississauga. Clarkson Village is a well-established community so you won’t be seeing houses crammed to close together – which is always a huge bonus.

We have seen Clarkson really coming into its own in the past few years. Clarkson has a GO station, so it’s perfect for professionals working in the Toronto core, and it’s been slowly polishing up the more industrial aspects of its image. Here’s why Clarkson Village is such a great place to live – all of it, not just Rattray Marsh!


Top Things I Love About Living in Clarkson
The Parks:
The Parks: Many of the residents living in Clarkson and Mississauga come to visit and take in the beauty of Rattray Marsh. With its shady boardwalk and direct connection to Jack Darling (think beautiful sandy beach, great lake view, second-to-none dog park) it remains a popular destination. You also have other great parks in Clarkson, like Whiteoaks; with a swanky tennis club and floodlit courts, it’s perfect for getting out and being active any time of day or evening.
The Community Centre:
Recently renovated, this is a great family spot where you can do everything from taking the kids for outdoor water play, to learning ballroom dancing with your partner. The pools are amazing and the Clarkson Community Centre also has a full gym, basketball court, hockey rink and library attached to it. There is also a great skate park that is always full of kids practicing their kick flips or stunt bike riders getting courageous on the ramps. I make the drive here almost every week to take my kids swimming and couldn’t be happier that I live so close by.
The Houses:
I like that anyone can enjoy themselves living in Clarkson. It’s one of the few communities left in Mississauga where there is a huge spread in pricing, and you don’t need to be uber wealthy to call it home (unless you are right by the water). Whether you are in the market for a great semi-detached house or a nice bungalow on a tree-lined street, you can be happy knowing there are plenty of affordable options.
The Shops:
Similar to Port Credit, but a touch better because it feels more mom and pop, there are some great shops and restaurants and people living in Clarkson love to support their local business owners. The shopping strip along Lakeshore continues to expand and improve, with businesses putting money into their storefronts and new businesses, supported by the local BIA, popping up all the time. Of course, sometimes you just gotta have big box shopping and you’ll find all the big retailers at the Clarkson Village Shopping Centre on Lakeshore.
The Location:
If you work or study in downtown Toronto and you want to live in Mississauga, Clarkson is definitely high up on the list of places you want to be. Steps to Clarkson GO station and the QEW, Clarkson has long been the go to community for people making the trek to the Other City, whether driving or taking public transit. And of course, people living in Clarkson know that they will get a seat on the GO train before it hits Port Credit station!

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