Home Staging is all the rage on TV and in the real estate industry today.

It is such a popular topic that it produces over 7,000,000 pages in a Google Search. Why? Because consumers are looking for the best home staging tips, and they often wonder if home staging actually adds value to their house.

When we took on home staging as one of our primary value added services, we did it after thoroughly researching the best critics in the world: OUR BUYERS.

Home staging isn’t about making your home look like a doll house that nobody has ever lived in; it’s meant to create a harmonious balance between the space of your home and the items that help to create an overall flow and theme that buyers can actually relate to.

Basically, we’ve got the whole thing down to a science.


Here are our top five home staging tips that you might want to consider:
Get a Full Home Staging Consultation.
This will allow you to see what each room in the house actually needs. This allows you to know what items you need to bring in, what items that would need to be moved to storage, and what items you would need to purchase to customize your home.
Get a Decluttering Consultation.
Do a de-cluttering and renovation consultation so you know what items will be leaving the home for good and if there are any areas in the home that require special attention, like a fresh paint coat of paint.
Make sure you are able to create good visual flow throughout the home.
Visual flow is being able to look into a room and immediately think everything is in its place, and this room looks huge!
Don’t Use Just Any Old Furniture.
This is one of the biggest home staging tips we can give you, because nothing is worse than seeing a big, out-of-place couch in a condo just because “it’s a nice couch”. If that item makes the room look smaller, then it doesn’t matter how nice it is, because the buyer will say to themselves: this place feels too small.
Even the Small Stuff Matters.
Make sure your dishes and tupperware are organized. Make sure your sheets and towels are folded. Make sure you have matching linens and towels with nice soap dishes in the washroom. Bring in new light fixtures and lamps. It is easy to bring slip covers, side tables and some art work but the real detail that buyers notice are the little things that make them start falling in love with the home.

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