If you’ve already had a look at our value added services for buyers, you may be scratching your head wondering how much more customized can our service be?

Well, there is a niche we focus on that buyers continue to seek us out for. The fixer-upper.

We aren’t talking about buying a house to flip; we’re talking about finding you a property at a great price and then using the savings towards renovating that home to your exact taste…think Property Brothers from HGTV.

How? We’ve teamed up with some of the best contractors, the best trades people, and the best designers in the GTA.


This is how we do it:
1. We Arrange the Financing:
This part is the most complex aspect of purchasing a fixer upper, and knowing where the resources for the renovation are coming from is obviously crucial. Whatever avenue you decide to take, we’ll make sure it’s the best option for you.
We do a ‘Needs Analysis’:
We go through a thorough assessment of what you’d like in a house. Sometimes, it can be difficult for people to see beyond the leaky pipes and holes in the wall, so we get to know your needs up front, and we make sure the homes we’re viewing provide the ideal canvass for our project.
We do a ‘Cost Analysis’:
We’re working on a budget, so the home we purchase has to work with that budget as well. Things like removing walls and putting on additions require structural engineers, which cost a lot of money that we have to account for.
We Do a ‘Comparable Sale Analysis’:
We don’t want your renovation to make you have the most expensive house on the street; we want you to renovate for less than it would cost to buy the finished product! Before putting in an offer, we look at what other homes have sold for and what features they have to make sure we are making a sound choice.
We Care About the Design:
A lot of our buyers prefer us to help with design, and we’re okay with that. We have great relationships with vendors and pass on any savings they give us directly to you. We also tend not to get into heated arguments with our contractors, and instead, we work with them to create a great product. From picking out cupboards to which tiles to use in the master bathroom, we can help.

Needless to say the whole process is intricate and time consuming. We take these projects on in a very selective basis, and we only work with highly reputable service providers. Why? Because we want to make sure you’re getting an excellent product that will not give you any issues down the road.


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